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Commercial & Refrigeration Repair & Installation Bloomingdale 

Our certified experts are available to provide necessary refrigeration repair and maintenance services to all areas of the food industry! From walk-in coolers and freezers to refrigerators, a problem with your refrigeration equipment can be ruinous to your Bloomingdale Illinois based business. That’s why you need a team you can trust for refrigerator and freezer repair. Fahrenheit Mechanical Inc is who you can rely on to help as we have been helping companies in the Bloomingdale area for over 20 years! Please call (630) 675-6998 for any emergency repairs.

Need Refrigeration Work Near Bloomingdale Illinois?
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Fahrenheit Mechanical provides repair and replacement services in Bloomingdale IL for all kinds of food service equipment, which includes refrigeration equipment and other appliances. Don’t delay necessary maintenance and repairs for your commercial refrigeration equipment just because you are worried about the cost. You can relax knowing that Fahrenheit Mechanical offers warranty work for all the major brands on the market. Ask us about labor warranty options available to your business.


Frequent Questions

What Type of Refrigeration Equipment Can You Repair? 

Our team of certified technicians can help with Walk-In Refrigerattion systems, reach-in refrigeration systems, ice makers, cool tables and much more. 


How do I maintain my cooler?

Proper maintenance will keep your walk-in operating reliably and effectively. Try and avoid propping the door open, and make sure to turn off the lights everytime you exit the cooler. Don’t heap items around the coil, as it needs a good amount of air flow. We offer regular inspections and tuneups to keep it in top condition.


I'm experiencing problems with my refrigeration temperature, how do I fix this?

You need to address this problen quickly. Make sure that your equipment is slightly away from the wall to give it room to circulate air. Check the seal on your door to make sure that it closes properly and seals completely. It could also be the temperature control gauge that is reading incorrectly or by a blocked vent. Call Fahrenheit Mechanical for maintenance checks at 630-495-1990


My equipment is not powering up, what do I do?

Double check that your unit does not have a power switch that has been switched off. Check to see if the power cord has been correctly plugged in all the way to the outlet. Call Fahrenheit Mechanical to come out to check on this situation if needed.


My fridge is freezing up and collecting ice in the unit, what do I do?

You need to make sure that your evaporator fan is running properly. Call Fahrenheit Mechanical to come in and check your fan and other possible reasons for the ice build up.


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