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Pacesetter Dryer

Is your Pacesetter Dryer starting to act up? It may high time to find a replacement or pursue an upgrade to the latest and most advanced model. Challenge has introduced new and improved dryer machines built for more robust cleaning and drying and Brim Laundry Machinery offers a choice of many replacement products for you to choose from.

Proper maintenance of equipment is important for any laundry facility. You also have to routinely toss out old washers and dryers and make room for an upgrade. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in a Pacesetter dryer for your laundry business:
Satisfied customers – You don’t have to listen to your customers complaining why their clothes aren’t as dry as it should be.
More revenue – When your dryer works fast and efficiently, more customers will be able to do more laundry quickly, thus boosting your revenue.
New customers – If customers find out that you have modern equipment, chances are, they’ll ditch their old laundry shops and bring their business to you.
Lower costs – Older dryers tend to use up more electricity and water. New equipment is usually more efficient, ultimately helping you drive down your overhead expenses.
If you are looking to upgrade your Pacesetter dryer, just contact Brim Laundry Machine Co., Inc. Our goal is to offer you the best laundry equipment at competitive rates. What’s more, you don’t have to dump your old dryers and washing machines as we accept trade-ins. If you have any questions for Brim Laundry Machine Co., Inc., just call us at toll-free number (800) 527-5886 or send an email to website@brimldry.com.